Rules & Regulations

For the comfort and enjoyment of all of our campers and in some cases due to state laws, please abide by our campground rules and regulations. Registered campers are responsible for families and visitors and any damages. We reserve the right to evict any person, family or group for breaking the following rules.

Absolutely no firewood can be brought into the campground due to the Emerald Ash Quarantine. Firewood must be purchased from the campground. We are able to make large deliveries for you. No outside deliveries are allowed.


  • Quiet hours are from 10:00 PM to 8:00 AM
  • Keep children on site after dusk
  • No rowdiness or horseplay in bathrooms, fishing island, footbridge, fishing lake, docks, or around fishing lake
  • Absolutely NO fireworks of any kind
  • Swimming hours are from 10:00 AM until 7:00 PM (hours vary by time of year). There is no lifeguard on duty at any time
  • No tents/popups can be left at the swim lake overnight
  • Children are not allowed to swim unattended
  • Absolutely no illegal drugs
  • No guns or weapons including sling shots, paint ball guns, and bows and arrows, etc.
  • No rowdiness, foul or abusive language
  • Keep all alcoholic beverages in the campground area
  • No glass containers allowed on beach
  • No dogs allowed in the water or on the beach. They are allowed in the grassy areas by the picnic tables
  • No cutting of or nailing into trees
  • No gas powered saws
  • Fishing lake is catch and release only
  • No swimming in fishing lake
  • No fishing in swimming lake
  • Golf carts after dusk must have operational lights
  • Click here for additional golf cart regulations.
  • No off road vehicles are allowed in the park
  • Maximum of 6 people per site


  • All tents must be at least 10 feet from the road
  • Stakes in the ground are strictly prohibited 
  • All extension cords must be the same size as original trailer cord
  • No light duty extension cords permitted as they can overload and damage electrical outlets
  • Lots/campsites occupied by registered campers only. Everyone else is a visitor
  • Lots/campsites must be kept clean of clutter
  • Seasonal lot cleaning and mowing is your responsibility. If your grass is unkept we will mow your lot for a $20.00 fee
  • Trailer or motorhome washing subject to conditions. Please ask at the office ahead of time
  • No site alterations or permanent structures without prior office approval
  • Campfires allowed in fire pits away from trees and according to weather conditions. Do not leave fires unattended or burning overnight. Do not place garbage, glass, cans, plastic, wood with nails, etc. in fire pits
  • Two vehicles per lot. Additional vehicles must be parked in the visitors lot behind the pavilion. Vehicles must be parked between lot lines
  • State forbids buried containers for gray water or gray water disposal directly onto the ground
  • Do not use formaldehyde products in holding tanks
  • Absolutely no porta pots dumped in bathrooms
  • No washing of dishes in the bathrooms


  • Pets are allowed on a leash only unless in the dog park
  • Clean up after your pets. Droppings are to be placed in plastic bags and disposed of in the dumpster
  • Do not let dogs bark at will
  • No pets in swimming area, fishing lake, or bathrooms
  • No more than two (2) pets per lot
  • No aggressive dogs
  • All pets must be fully vaccinated. Proof of vaccination must be available upon request.


  • Wilderness Campground is not responsible for any loss or damage in the event of a power outage or Mother Nature
  • No lifeguard on duty at anytime
  • Provide golf cart proof of liability insurance information to office
  • Do not take anything from other campsites/lots whether they are there or not. This includes wood
  • Members and visitors are required to carry their own insurance
  • Wilderness Campground, LLC will not be held responsible for any damages or theft

**Please note: There is NO refund for circumstances beyond our control including, but not limited to, Acts of God, Mother Nature, or power outages.